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How decoder works

If you ask yourself "how to decode a text?", email or ICQ message, this online decoder will help you to restore the unreadable text.

Paste your garbled text into the text area and press one of the buttons below. If you want to decode really large piece of text, note that only first 20'000 characters will be processed.


Decoder will try to decipher your "mojibake" into readable text in your chosen language. If you are not sure what is the best option, go for "Guess".


If you know the encoding/charset garbled text is displayed in as well as its original encoding/charset, choose both from the lists and press "Exact".


If you are translating a few pieces of text from the same source (for example, you have used "Guess" on a smaller fragment and now want to decode the whole text), go for this option. Decoder will use the last displayed encodings. This button is unavailable, if cookies are disabled in your browser.


When you choose "Guess" button first, a list of alternative decodings will be suggested. If you can not see the satisfying decoding in the main result area, choose another alternative from the list and press "Show" button.

Although decoder manages to recover garbled texts quite well, in some rare cases pasted text can not be recovered or recovered fully. Mainly it is due to a possible loss of some encoding information while copying a text. Still decoder will suggest even partial translations.

Decoder also recognizes most popular email and web encodings like base64, quoted-printable, urlencoded, etc.